YouTube SIGN IN Sarah Palin could see Russia from her porch 10 months ago 10 Sarah Palin never said that Some liberal ditz on that crap show Saturday Night Live said that Sarah Palin said that Russia is right out from her State's back porch It is 9 miles is the shortest distance between Russian soil and American soil The context of the conversation went like this Democrats scared to see a potential Republican woman beating them to the punch and NOGeraldine Ferarro never HAD a hope! attacked her and poised her against Obama even though she was only picked as running VICE- Presidential candidate She was Governor of Alaska - Obama was just some communist muslim see his 8 year-old muslim private school photo - which only could have been taken if he were an Indonesian citizen and a Muslim trouble-maker illegal invader criminal that had NEVER ran a single thing Somehow the libtard media saw fit to try to paint their Obama as being more knowledgeable somehow than Sarah Palin on the topic of Russian threat Bad pick She was VERY familiar with dealing almost DAILY with Russian military aggression in Alaskan airspace Obama had smoked some marijuana maybe raised a black power fist see Soviet Worker's Party difference and very much of it backwards with Hollywierd and the mainstream media no? March to the beat of the wrong drummer and you'll find yourself out of step soldier as his Reverend screamed God Damn America! - Big 10 months ago 5 Коханыч Holy fucking shit Meme







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