YouTube A new kind of recorder Only on Pixel 4 linux750 I was interesteduntil Only on Pixel 4 showed up Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Alphabetueis the Wise? I thought not It's not a story that Google search would tell you It's a Sith legend Darth Alphabetueis was a Dark Lord of the Sithware companies so powerful and so wise he could use the Al to make breakthroughs in every direction and create wonder- ful expensive products powered by i He had such a knowledge of the Al that he could compute accu- rate depth from a single camera recognize the speech of mere mortals and so much more The Al is a pathway to many abili- ties some consider to be unnatural He became so powerful the only thing he was afraid of was not containing his powers inside his own products what eventually of course he failed Unfortunately mere mortals led by XDAlords hated exclusivity of Al apps in Alphabetueis products and ported everything to the devices of other Sithware companies like Darth Samsungue- is that only made the latter more powerful Darth Alphabetueis created a wonderful world of Android invit ed other siths into his domain with open-sourced heart and then his apprentice Samsungueis killed him in his innovation decline It's ironic how people took his Al apps for granted and appreciat- ed the hardware efforts of other companies much more darth alphabetueis Meme







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