you KNOW FRIEND I THINK I'LL UUST SLEEP RIGHT HERE STRAIGHT AND WHEN L WAKE UP I'LL GO HOME TO BED YESSS I THINK THATS EXACTLY WHAT I'LL DO AND WHY NOT A BRUCE WANE ISN'T DOING ANYTHING TOMORROW NIGHT ANYWAY MANA The Forgotten Shadow of the Bat in the 1980s - 1985 Just as Night Follows Day Acclaimed writer Doug Moench who celebrates his 69th birthday today February 23 brings focus to the humanity of the man behind the cowl in Just as Night Follows Day originally published in Batman Vol 1 383 from May 1985 illustrated by Gene Colan Adrienne Roy and Alfredo Alcala Although our hero appears at his best in the nighttime streets and alleys of Gotham City the story begins at dawn where Batman returns to Wayne Manor and Bruce is exhausted in need of a good day's rest However Bruce learns that his day is filled with errands and unexpected visits after painters come to Wayne Manor for maintenance work Jason Todd's the newest Robin school bus breaks down causing Bruce to not only drive him to school but get lectured by his principal about Jason falling asleep in class due to his late nights Once Bruce returns home from Lucius Fox discussing Wayne Enterprises to current flame Vicki Vale stopping by to talk about the next steps in their relationship by this time Jason needs to be picked up from school and they both have a meeting about formally adopting Jason The night comes and Bruce Wayne transforms into Batman stopping what seemed to be non stop criminals The issue ends with dawn breaking once again and an overly exhausted Batman fittingly falls asleep on a gargoyle atop a building knowing both Bruce Wayne has no meetings or agenda for today and he can finally rest One of the few issues in this era to have Bruce Wayne be the predominant figure instead of Batman Moench's entertaining story showcases one of the most favorited qualities of the Caped Crusader being human βœŒπŸΌπŸ’™πŸ“–πŸŽ¨πŸ¦‡ Meme











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