You just coming over to chill Don't think you getting no pussy cause you ain't alwaysbewoke boulevard-of-june-30th alwaysbewoke banglethevisionary mazabrei pattythenest beautifuldarkkskkin alwaysbewoke tinii1225 alwaysbewoke greyscalesound luvmangosdope tokillatequila greyscalesound brothadom naturalistamisslyn grandpaq the1movement mimialtchell kushandwizdom Her leg … the sink 😭😭😭 This is all too real 😂😂😩 😂😂😂😂 So this is why she was mad i didnt try anything… i was so confused 😩 Y'all don’t be understand the contortions we do to get the smooovest pussy Yo half us don’t even need all that 😂 we’re just happy to be in the game Real talk the I can only imagine the opportunities I’ve passed up smh can’t y'all just be straightforward? Seriously why can’t you just be straightforward? Lmao men are so clueless Its not a hint when you say THE EXACT OPPOSITE of how you feel 🙄 aggy lol ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ We don’t have the luxury of being straight forward​ and men don’t have the luxury of guessing whether or not you mean what you said because one wrong move and it’s 10yrs in rikers for attempted rape all because we read a signal wrong this is why i’m so glad i’m a grown ass man dating grown ass women grown ass women know how to flirt know how to tell you want they want ain’t about that “hint” bullshit… fuck a grown ass woman will tell you straight up “you better come get this pussy” hahaha a grown ass woman will tell you to come over and to bring a toothbrush a grown ass woman will tell you it’s cold outside but her mouth is warm a grown ass woman will tell you she’s the only thing on the menu tonight a grown ass woman will look you right in the eye run her fingers across your lips and dare you NOT to kiss her a grown ass woman will kiss you right when you walk in like you’ve been away fighting a war for the last 10 years a grown ass woman will sit right on your fucking lap a grown ass woman will take your arm wrap it around your waste and then back her booty right into you a grown ass woman will give you a glass of wine and straddle you she ain’t about misleading contradicting hints she grown she knows what she wants go gets it and praise shanaynay for her!! Say it louder for the little girls in the back!! Fuckin preach that shit @luvmangosdope and @tinii1225 Take this fucking hint What I’ve gathered from how my friends interact with men “No means no Unless it means yes And you better know the fucking difference you clueless pervert” @alwaysbewoke preach my nigga preach yea but ain’t shit changing… wait! liking tweets and ig pics are hints now? damn! i’m so happy to be a fucking grown ass man dealing with grown ass women These are the same women that will say “communication is important” what are you communicating? Hand signs? @alwaysbewoke 👏🏿👏🏿 Meme

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