yeezus is either the hip hop fan with diverse taste starter pack divorced parents favorite or least favorite kanye album <will start playing says they love MF DOOM but has says ye felt unfinished or unpolished but if you ask this guy 3 milliseconds after literally only listened to Madvillainy someone says all rap is just mumbling why they have no concrete reasons GOD calls this album bold calls him a and experimental culture but then will call probably has multiple A24 movies in their top 10 vulture but TLOP sloppy in the same sentence still likes rockstar favorite films also probably refers to movies as films and albums as records and songs as considers Rodeo to calls her an LTE be a concept album industry plant but because it has a few tracks just to try and sound bits of dialogue watches DEHH but still likes smarter only ever agrees bad guy with actually thought NATION was real greatest diss track of all time Thier Kendrick Ranking 1 TPAB they don't ever listen to eminem USED to be good the last good drake it but have it at the top for obligation and because Fantano gave it a 10 album spends their friday and thursday nights annotating lyrics on rapgenius for new YCURE READING THiS TS ooLA tyler the creators entire discography -flower boy gets REALLY pissed off if you mention the grammys Kendrick was snubbed to Macklemore Kanye was snubbed HE STOR FAsDon 2 GKMC 3 DAMN 4 Section 80 probably has not even listened to this albums -igor yonkers for MBDTF Kendrick was snubbed to Taylor Swift Kendrick was snubbed and if it wasnt already implied their super diverse taste to Bruno Mars etc blond scarily accurate Meme


Bruno Mars









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