ybs-lyricsandphilosophy: jane-the-killer-is-wifu: life-is-chrome: mikasslime: roses-on-the-rocks: scatterations: cute-aesthetics-things: What if you could wear the entire universe on your finger? Since ancient times, astronomers around the world have used models of the sky to make calculations. With the advent of the armillary sphere, stargazers were given a physical model to better visualize the lines of celestial longitude and latitude. Created independently in ancient Greece and ancient China, these armillary spheres consisted of spherical rings centered on either the Earth or the Sun. During the 16th and 17th centuries, these astronomy tools were sized down to become fashionable finger rings that moved just like regular armillary spheres.  This beautiful and unique Ring will make a lovely gift for your friends and family! => GET YOURS HERE <= I’ve bought the silver one. I think it’ll double as a pendant when it’s open I have a strong want for this I need this If anyone gets me this ill melt in your arms and you’ll have my heart forever I really want one oml it’s beautiful If someone gets me this I’ll cook dinner for them every night for the rest of their life and be their de facto house husband