xaira-gabvi bleepblopbloop56 transmxnfenris eroticcannibal sunsblush friendlytrender smokeytoastyghosty Me yep Me sees trans man not binding and one in a dress Me nope! You didn’t have to draw a trans man with boobs sis thanks for the dysphoria babeey if u get dysphoric when u see a boob that’s understandable but its also your problem to deal with n u don’t get to shame other trans dudes for drawing people like them with visible breasts as much as it sucks most trans men do have non flat chests and it’s not a bad thing to draw trans men with breasts unless ur sexualising them or ur drawing a real life trans man who’s dysphoric about his chest also u can’t have a go at op for drawing a trans man without a binder bc it makes u dysphoric n then call him sis dont be a fuckin hypocrite dude anyways good post op some trans men can’t bind for medical reasons some don’t prefer to bind bc it’s uncomfortable and hot and sweaty!!! some trans men arent that bothered by chest dysphoria! trans people are not required to attempt conformity to be valid in their identity no one is required to try and “look cis” that’s your own shit to deal with Thank you for drawing trans men who aren’t binding and who wear feminine clothes OP seeing trans people like myself really helps with my dysphoria I can’t bind because of my severe asthma and pain in my ribs from fibromyalgia So seeing trans men who aren’t binding really helps my crippling dysphoria Thanks op also disabled trans men aaaaaah! 💖 Also some trans men cant afford a binder or are closeted or itt isnt safe where they live to bind binding isnt a necessity v Also trans men just like cis men are allowed to wear dresses Meme







Thank You




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