WTVR CBS 6 Richmond @CBS6 Trick-or-treaters over age 12 could face fine jail time in one Virginia city bitly2yq8FTN 835 PM 9 Oct 2018 203 Retweets 248 Likes molly @socialistdogmom H- white people consistently overestimate the age of black children what could go wrong WTVR CBS 6 Richmond@CBS6 Trick-or-treaters over age 12 could face fine jail time in one Virginia city bitly2yq8FTN 706 AM 10 Oct 2018 10151 Retweets 32801 Likes 缴剱@の必骖則 molly @socialistdogmom apaorgnewspressrel in this study white female undergrads overestimated the age of black teenage boys by an average of 45 years these women are barely out of their teens themselves imagine how much stronger that tendency to overestimate is if you're a racist old man The students were also shown photographs alongside descriptions of various crimes and asked to assess the age and innocence of white black or Latino boys ages 10 to 17 The students overestimated the age of blacks by an average of 45 years and found them more culpable than EGO DEATH or Latinos particularly when the boys were matched with serious crimes the study found Researchers used questionnaires to assess the participants' prejudice and dehumanization of blacks They found that participants who implicitly associated blacks with apes thought the black children were older and less innocent 717 AM 10 Oct 2018 Kenni @ItsKenniYall Replying to @socialistdogmom When I was twelve a woman in the grocery store asked me if my baby sister was my child 1120 AM 10 Oct 2018 maybe they snapped @UniversalyBlack Replying to @socialistdogmom @ItsKenniYall When I was in 6th grade shopping with my MOTHER a white women came up to me and asked if I worked there barbaradeservesbetter redpaladin-lance blackqueerblogwhat the hell I’m six years older than my step sister but people have been assuming for YEARS that she’s older than me because she’s taller than me This is going to backfire so badly it’s not going to backfire they want it to turn out badly they know what they’re doing here it’s calculated Meme






old man



White People


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