writing-prompt-s The world's tiniest dragon must defend his hoard a single gold coin from thase who would steal it mildswearingat4am Suggestion The dragon's definition of steal is somewhat loose It still allows the coin to be used and bartered and change hands-but on one condition the dragon must be with it at all times They become a familiar sight in the marketplace Here's your change ma am One gold piece The merchant holds out a palm on top of which rests a tiny brilliantly colored creature clutching a single gold coin That's a dragon you say dumbly One piece and a dragon Yes You cautiously reach out and attempt to take your change You tug It holds You tug harder The dragon lets loose a tiny protective growl Ma'am-no ma'am you have to take the dragon too Sorry? Not from around here are The seller notes your dubious expression ya? They shrug Them's the rules Take the coin take the dragon They wait expectantly Wondering how the world has so suddenly gone mad you slowly slowly hold out your hand The dragon perks right up It scampers from their palm to yours with the coin clamped in its jaws and scales your sleeve with sharp little claws Have a nice day ma'am the merchant says Spend him soon now you hear? At another booth if you can He likes to travel From its perch upon your shoulder the dragon lets out a happy trill bdubs8807 Bonus the coin eventually passes to the rogue in a group of travelling adventurers The dragon becomes the mascot of the entire group and they lay out a small pile of coins for him to sleep on every night clutching his coin like a teddy bear Source wniting-prompt-s 22149 notes <p>The Tiniest Dragon via rwholesomememes <a href=httpifttt2squnHj>httpifttt2squnHj<a><p> Meme







One Piece




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