would find love being the fragmented person that I was but here was someone willing to love me wholly Seizing the moment and forcing me to feel every electric part of it Over the next few years Louise was my rock I trusted her and loved her fiercely and she loved me in return Eventually however our bond became strained as new male members joined the guild and she pursued friendships with them She never properly understood why I wanted nothing to do with them and she spent more evenings out with the boys than out or in with me I couldn't bring myself to tell her the entirety of my family's story much as I couldn't tell anyone I hadn't even talked about it with my mother since the night I found out Louise was patient with me despite the issues and I decided one day to give the boys a shot We went out to the bar as a large group from the guild and somehow everything was fine These men that I had been shunning for years were kind to me One in particular Eric even bought me a drink When I arrived home the front door was wide open I stepped inside to complete disarray and chaos and called out instantly to my mother There was no answer I quickly made my way to her bedroom where I found her dead her eyes open wide with fear and her clothing torn of To further describe her state of being would be too much as even a retelling at this point is torturous I knew without a shred of doubt that this was my fathers doing The way in which my mother described him to me left echos in my mind that now rebounded against her lifeless corpse The room was full of a musky smell one that I could only assume was my fathers I went to the only place I knew I would find comfort - Louise's Instead I found her there with the nice Eric fellow from the bar barely finding the time to stop what they were doing to start making excuses about why they were doing it I didn't even bother explaining myself before turning around and rushing back home There was nothing left for me in this place My guild and my craft were mighty but death and deception were mightier Nice girls final page of her character sheet Men are bad! Meme





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