Woman Tries to Enjoy Night Out Even Though Her Instagram Post Is Fucking Tanking reductresscom YPlan No seriously…Why plan?The new and might I see beautifully interfaced YPlan app allows you to book tickets meals or go see concerts with plans made all on the night at a discounted rate YPlan sent me over to the TheWeeknd concert and honestly I was SHOOK The app sends the tickets straight to your Apple Passbook ticket holder so a lazy person like me can leave the wallet at homeTheWeeknd’s venue was amazing if only I wasn’t surrounded by eight foot two glamazons Honestly Whatever they’re eating I want double doses His setlist featured practically his entire album some covers - namely Drunk In Love by Beyonce which segued into Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande in which I shrieked so loud that the Apple Music Festival recording of the song LITERALLY has my shriek I had to crop down my Instagram video post of it to edit out the shriek but it made no difference because that post tanked Thanks KiddingLater in the set The Weeknd thanked his day one fans who he said helped him sell out the O2 Arena when he had only released three mix tapes online Honestly when will your fave?Can’t Feel My Face lit up the arena with die hard fans who camped out in the standby queue and fans who won tickets solely off the back of this song all dancing along with his Michael Jackson style slides and shuffles across the Camden Roundhouse stage Following this he did a fake out start end and then restart to complete the track of The HillsIt would’ve been cool had he not done that same trick at every single venue and been printed on set lists circulating TwitterMuch like The Weeknd YPlan kicked ass that night with constant customer support and an easy way to get the most out of our dayIf you’d like to see the remaining artists available at Apple Music Festival hurry and visit YPlan’s website at yplanappcom or download the app from the Apple App Store to get a chance to see some great musicStay cute y’allEDIT Tumblr wasn’t happy with the copyrighted song in the Instagram video so just click the link here to see me GETTING MY LIFE httpswwwinstagramcomp8AWiDJjgGe?taken-by=davidolshanetsky Meme


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