William and Ellen Craft escaped enslavement in 1848 Ellen's light complexion allowed her to dress as a white man She then claimed William was her slave They traveled first class all the way theblaquelioness Most runaway slaves fled to freedom in the dead of night often pursued by barking bloodhounds A few fugitives such as Henry “Box” Brown who mailed himself north in a wooden crate devised clever ruses or stowed away on ships and wagons One of the most ingenious escapes was that of a married couple from Georgia Ellen and William Craft who traveled in first-class trains dined with a steamboat captain and stayed in the best hotels during their escape to Philadelphia and freedom in 1848 Ellen a quadroon with very fair skin disguised herself as a young white cotton planter traveling with his slave William It was William who came up with the scheme to hide in plain sight but ultimately it was Ellen who convincingly masked her race her gender and her social status during their four-day trip Despite the luxury accommodations the journey was fraught with narrow escapes and heart-in-the-mouth moments that could have led to their discovery and capture Courage quick thinking luck and “our Heavenly Father” sustained them the Crafts said in Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom the book they wrote in 1860 chronicling the escape - smithsonianmagcom theblaquelioness Meme











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