When your minecraft diamonds fall into lava When your diamonds fall in lava The resting place of any noob In this unforgiving cube world The last hit heaving Proud on leaving Okay so a little bit of context Someone dared me to make a Spread the word the danger is here poem about finding and losing diamonds in lava I got a bit carried away here is the result My mark in this cave Which I shall soon escape Peril and misfortune draws near I did not heed my conscious As it breaks the caged Fragma I proceeded without cautions Dauntless flawless a novice Past the ores most jaundice Twas the Sixth of September Sets its wings free flying Not into my arms yet dying In the fiery pits of magma Day Four Hundred and Twenty Gold and Iron aplenty as I decided to become a miner It's a real tragedy I saw it A jewel most blue Consumed by the pits of hell That night 'er grace was present Oh god! Can it be true? I found theml My hopes Dreams wants & desires My own heart begin to swell With tears the bittersweet kind For their life was taken not mine The twilight most pleasant No monsters to be seen You'll never understand my paln hehe As a teen I was keen Sorrysorry T ran to them crying out The most flexed symbol of clout Finally in my grasp bless All those in mass who prayed Defeated I walk through the night To mourn the loss of the beautiful To waste daylight in the mine In spite of a clear warning sign That I was better off fishing I went ahead clicking and clicking lass Perfect beyond compare the moonlight glass That I once knew that fateful twilight For this moment when I seize I went deeper and deeper With no X-ray as my seeker I searched for diamonds down below The bringer of a summer breeze The maker of the birds and bees Making these Minecraft hoes plead Using my trusty pickaxe Joe Thank you for reading If you'd like a poem done please let me know at uFabricioPezoa Soon enough I reached eleven O land comparable to heaven Twas here that my search began Please king give it to me! The gem that beats the verdure The rock so innocent and pure Bring forth anything and it shall Mining diamonds and losing them to lava Giving Birth Pics Related The search to satisfy my demand endure Real Men know pain To begin I strip-mined at first No not like that you dirty perv Later I stumbled upon a cave I strike at last calmy bashing Careful with my trashing The grave most concave So as to not fall into lava Protect my actions Bava i'M aN aRtiSt Meme











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