When you tell your boyfriend a joke and the girl under his bed starts laughing too Never forget your girls favorite color I can’t explain why dudes cheat but answer this if you got money in your wallet and you find another dollar are you not going to pick it up? Long story short my girl was out of town at her friends graduation She left me a spear key to come feed her dog through out the week I did the opposite I treated him like Gary the snail I had my side girl over bout to get busy You know that deep gut feeling that tells you “ight chill out” but you ignore it? That be God mercy tryna save you I’m catching some bomb neck I’m talking about My meat going through a 5 star car wash when I hear a engine pull up out front I look out the window and see my girl hop out a Uber My side girl hid under the bed I can tell She done this before I slid under the sheets and fake sleep My girl comes in talking about she changed her flight to come home sooner Android users text take 3 business days Babe starts asking me what’s her favorite color I confidently blurted our magenta Here comes her dog with a red thong in his mouth Damn dogs can’t stick together? The FBI agent in her came out and starts interrogating me Under her sheets I’m getting my dick rode by bed bugs during the interrogation process Im tryna figure how to get this girl out this crib before I’m toast My girl mid way through her sentence when you hear a sneeze under her bed Within seconds my girl downloaded a heart beat sensor I swear Android users got it good This is now modern warfare I watch my girl play search&destroy with my side chick Side chicks heartless so she couldn’t detect her Me being the real nigga I am had to flip the whole situation on her “I don’t like how you assume me as a black man cheat if you don’t trust me Idk about this” Tears in my eyes because it smelled like fish cakes and my eyes couldn’t take it My girl felt bad and hit me with the double hand twist Gawk combo My girl said she was coming back Sunday and came back Friday She lied to me I can’t date liars fam I broke up with her I’m single and my side girl still live under my ex bed She text me from time to time for help Shoulda had a escape rope Meme











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