When you at the gay club and you notice a pack of loud straight women come in for their bachelorette party socialistexan recovering-from-bipolar the-archmagister recovering-from-bipolar the-archmagister bookthrower the-archmagister rapunzel-corona-lite gemini–king oh my gawd this actually happens ?? girl hell yeah I swear to god idk why they do that they think gay people are zoo animals that strip or something My face when I hit on a girl at a gay bar and she says she’s straight and so is her boyfriend and all their friends That has to be extremely aggravating Straight people like to experience gay tourism to show us queers how open minded they are As if it didn’t occur to them we might be hanging out in gay bars to meet other gay people My gay friend took me to a gay bar once i dont see the big issue of me going there whilst straight Its not some exclusive club for gays only the same way we dont ha ve straight people clubs So you don’t think there’s a reason there are gay bars? There is a reason it is for people to find like minded people but its NOT exclusive for gays only Just like standard clubs arent only for straights i have had quite a few gay friends over the years and not one has batted an eyelid as ive joined them at a gay bar I understand some people go there because they fetishize gay people and are looking for gay bffs but not EVERY straight person is like that Gay bars exist because before 2003 it was illegal in most states to be gay and one of the few places where gay and trans people could go and be themselves was a fucking mob-owned bar The cops used to kick down gay people’s doors and arrest them while they were in bed Trans people couldn’t walk down the street without getting at least questioned by the cops Bars were the only space for us and even then they’d get raided by the cops It’s why the riot that kicked off the modern gay rights movement happened at Stonewall a bar It’s why gay gathering places are bars instead of coffee shops or restaurants 910 times It also doesn’t hurt that drinking eases the pain of being the almost constant target of harassment and anti-gay legislation also why alcoholism is so high in our community This isn’t some fucking hookup culture thing or finding “like minded people” it’s something that was forced onto and built into our culture You’re exploiting our spaces that you forced us into to begin with Don’t walk in here and tell us why gay bars exist when you’re this fucking ignorant Meme











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