WHEN THE GREATEST WORD judgmentsupon the Jews for their JEREMIAH6 peareth cout of the north and great destruction 2Ihave likened the daughter of Zion to a 1comely and delicate woman The shepherds with their flocks shall1 come unto her they shall pitch their tents against her round about they shall feed every one in is place 4 Prepare ye war against her ta ch 4 x3 shallevilcomeuponus shall we see swora 13 And the prophetschan aot pass it and though the thereof toss themselves d distruction to come rom the northolatry come in them thus shall ba wind and the Isa so et can they not prevail though T roar yet can they not pass home nortan perpetinl decree that itach x 3 Or dwelling at unto them Wherefore thus LORD GOd of hosts Beca speak this word beiold make my words in thy fire and this people wOOd it shall devour them 3 But this people hath a re dng and a rebellious heart c ch they are revolted and gone Nelther say they in their d ch 8 7 over lt? 15 Lo Iwill bring ca nae Woe unto ts! for the day goeth away forthe shadows of the evening are stretchedout 5 Arise and let us go bynight and let us destroy her palaces 6 TFor thus hath the LORD of hosts saidHew yerdown trees änd 2cast a mount againstJeru salem this is the city to be Deu a8 9 upon you from far 0 house Israel saith the LORDa it mighty nation it is an and nation anation whoselanga thou knowest not neither derstandestowhat they say 16 Their quiver is as an sepulchre they are all migu the former and the latter inch ^ S the appointed weeks of the dDeu Ps 47 8 eart Let us nOW fear the LORD our Godothat giveth rain bothDeu 124arise and let us go up at noon c ch15 I4 Joel'a a3 his season he reserveth unto haveJob a9 23 fGe 8 aa harvest 251Your iniquities www these things and urned away your sins have withholden 4 7 g ch 3 3 2Orpour igood things from you For among my people areouthe WAY ab i 8 men oh 17And Atheyshalleat up tale harvest and thy bread thy sons and thy daught 83 should eat they shalleat up flocks and thine herdss th Shall eat up thy vines and ietrees they shall impover thy fenced cities wherein t trustedst with the sword 18 Nevertheless in those da saith the LORD I will not ma 3 3 found wicked men they lay egine of wait as he that setteth shares 3Or the they set a traptheycatch men visitedshe lis wholly oppres* sionin thermidst ofher 7Asha fountainscasteth out shot 49 pry as fowlers lie in wait her waters solshe casteth out 5720 hers wickednesséviolence and 27 As a cage is fullsof birds 0are their houses wfulof4Orcoop Sa 8 137 spoilis heard in hercbefore me continually is grief and wounds deceit therefore theyrare be Ezek 7 come great and waxenericha 28 They are waxenpfatithey shine yea they overpass the 5Heb de deeds of theiwickedtheyjudge not the causethe rcause of the sa 3 fatherlessyetatheykprosper and the right oftthebneedy doDeu they not judge 29 Shall Iinot visit fornthese things? saith the LORDnshall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? 30 Awonderful and hor Or rible thing is committed in the land 3!The prophets alselyand the priests bearrule bytheir means and my people ove to have it so and what willto thair ye do in the end thereof?pple I23 8 Beathourinstructedi OrJeru salem lest my soul5depart from thee lestImakeltheerdesolate a land not inhabited gdThustsaith the LORD of toosed disjointed 139 a ch 6P 79 32 Zech 7x0 k ch za t a fullend with you hosts Theyishallaithroughly 19 Andit shall cometopa when ye shall say Where ए एक gleannmthesremnantrof Israel siaivine turnback thine hand astagrapegathererintot ithe baskets MIOTO whoim shall Ispeak and mIsa 46 3 Wheretor doeth othe LORD Our God these things unto us? thens thou answer them Like as have forsaken me and serv your land 6 give warningathatstheyamay strange gods in oshail Astonish $2ment and Jilthiness n Ac hear? beholditheircearlis un circumcisedand they cannot ye serve strangers landsthat is not yours 20 Declare this in the house Jacob and publish it in prophesy ch4 hearken behold pthe word of Ezek 3 the LORD isunto them a re proachtheyhavenodelightinit II Therefore I am full of the fury of the LORD am weary with holding in Iwill pour it out upon the children abroad and oupon the assembly of young men togethers the busband with the wife shall bentaken the aged with him that is full of days st tn 1 And their houses shall be ch208 7Or take saying DnHear now this 0 fo people and without standingwhich have ere see not which have car hands ACIIS CHAPTER 6 YE children of Benjamin gather yourselves to flee out o the midst of Jerusalem and Dow the trumpet in Tekora rch and set up a sign of fire in Ne 34 Beth-hac ce rěm3 for evilap 30 99 Fear ye not me? sal LORD Will ye not tremb mypresence which have plan for even hear not Deu a8 889 the sandfor the boundof made with mematic ISN'T COMPULSORY IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS The Bible should be mandatory in K-12 Best literature and truth in the world Meme











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