When I got to Holly's I told her about the cameras and started looking around the house for them Fregley's regarding Mamadou As it turns After removing all the cameras if he had any went over to we to see hews Out he did THAT MAMADOU GUY? HE WENT INTO THE HOUSE ACROSS FROM MINE DUNNO WHAT HE'S DOING BUT HE AND HIS BOYS HAD SEVERAL BOXES WITH EM We ended up removing TONS of including half a dozen in her and Heather's Surprised by that but I just hope Mamadou hasn't checked any of them yet After that others and told them to meet up at my house cameras in her house I'm not rooms wwww decided to inform the we So Mamadou IS breaking into houses Im starting to WHO WANTS wonder if he the one who put all the cameras in our was МЕ ТОО! SOME SHRINKY DINKS? house since that would also explain what's in those boxes I didn't shower last night and I which would explaih why I didn't find the today And then I began to wonder if Mamadou rigged was out all morning camera uhtil As it turns out ALL of us except Fregley found cameras houses I guess Fregley got spared because he standing in his front yard the whole time and Mamadou thought he me is what Mamadou plans to do with all these as well If he did Im not letting him the Hills' house see in our was Holly shower watching him But what really confuses Was And with that I raced to Holly's house I never did well Im surprised that I mahaged Cameras gym class so whole way the His goons did mention that they Plainview and that doesn't sound good to run in doing all of were A Frenchman in Plainview - Pages 19 to 20 Meme


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