WHAT WOULD YOU DEBATE LOG INREGISTER ASK THE CANDIDATES? Search and vote for questions about issues that are important to you! The town halr debate will feature questions from the Intemat- ABC and CNN moderators agreed to considar the Top 30 queations voted up on this site! Watch the debate right here on Sunday Oct 9 at 9pm EDT to find out if they chose yours! NOTE wwwwunte Questions must not name or allude to a candidete and must be able to be posed to either candidete Il DAYS 23 HRS 23 MINS UNTIL THE EVENT 2 3 8 33 TOTAL VOTES How will you advance anti-discrimination laws or LGBT+ Americans? OPEN nillia ramblingtreehugger nillia flawlessloser shakspeare nillia For the first time ever networks are promising to consider the 30 most up-voted questions submitted by Americans Currently it seems like FWDFWDRe style conservatives are submitting and voting the mostas the top questions are more like accusations aimed at specifically Hillary or prompts for Trump to regurgitate his favorite buzzwords We have the Internet too We have a voice let’s use it in venues outside tumblr so Trump doesn’t get more advantages Vote on and submit meaningful questions that challenge both candidates to talk policy Please vote on my first question linked here and above which challenges both candidates to offer their opinion on LGBT and suggest real solutions that can work against the “religious freedom” arguments of the Alt-Right My second question focuses on how at-risk poor often minority students and students with disabilities fare under high-stakes testing Please vote for it here Please Reblog Tweet Facebook We can do this DO THIS! So far the highest voted questions are thinly veiled jibes about deleting emails - just chances for Trump to go off on one THIS TAKES LIKE TWO SECONDS! The right are very active when it comes to shit like this so don’t let them win it over like the op says we have the internet too so let’s level this playing field Let’s make Trump really struggle Seriously guys please go to this site! The top ones are stupid questions involving gun control and a couple asking why requiring and for ID to vote is racist -__- Help the real important questions be on top! We have worked our way up to 700 votes since last night! Thank you! Let’s increase that momentum The networks are only considering the top 30 questions and they all have thousands of votes Our GOAL is to reach 3000 to start to catch up tomorrow Most of the top 30 questions are proudly deplorable gifts to Trump It would be a double victory if we made this go viral enough to not only prompt a dialogue on LGBT issues but to also knock off one of those terrible questions! Other questions worth bolstering You can vote for multiple questions Decriminalizing Marijuana Internet Freedom Net Neutrality Education to include Computer Science Gerrymandering Rigged elections Climate Change Income InequalityTaxes Congressional Term Limit Healthcare Human Right Access to Abortion Infrastructure Criminal Injustice and Black Incarceration High Stakes Testing SIGNAL BOOST TWEET FACEBOOK GO! We’ll return to the regularly scheduled tree pictures and such momentarily but we’re in the last stretch here guys It’s almost over but let’s take them to task first shall we? GREAT JOB EVERYONE! We blazed past our goal for today and reached 3700 as well as popularity rank #35! We need to close a gap of about 700 votes to get into the Top 30! LET’S KEEP GOING! SIGNAL BOOST TWITTER FACEBOOK Meme











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