What the Zodiac Signs Love to Talk About Aries Gossip Aries can be very passionate when you talk about their friends Taurus Their lover Taurus are very romantic people so they'll love sharing every memory they've had with their darling Gemini Politics Gemini has smart ideas that others might be surprised of They can be controversial at times Cancer People Like Pisces Cancer can be quite insightful Cancer finds the best in people Leo TV Television is the place where you can see aesthetic over aesthetic and a Leo might not be able to help talking about it Virgo Art Virgo doesn't often escape into their creative mind but when they do you'd be amazed what comes out Libra Memes Libras are surprisingly dorky Scorplo Their family Scorpios are very loving and loyal to their families-not just their lovers Sagittarius Music The music side of tumbir is where you'll most likely find them since they love finding new people to crush on and new things to sing about Capricorn History Most Capricorns are history buffs- world history American history personal history Aquarius Inspirations whether Laura Poitras or Beyoncé Aquas aim for the best and love to have the best role models Pisces Friends Pisces are dreamy but they're observative to an extent that they can read anyone easily RT @astroIogytbh What do you love to talk about? httpstco9p1yJaXSV3 Meme











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