What is AUTISTIC BURNOUT? a guide from Autism Women's Network signs Lack of motivation hard to care about goals when everyday life is overwhelming e Loss of executive functioning abilities decision-making organization etc Difficulty with self-care Easier to reach overload or meltdown Loss of speech selective mutism Lethargy exhaustion e Illness digestive issues Memory loss Inability to maintain masks or use social skills Overall seeming more autistic or stereotypical May have period of high energy before collapse causesS Passing as neurotypical suppressing autistic traits Doing 'too much' too much stress Aging needing more downtime having less energy cChanges good or bad relationships jobs living arrangements belongings environment routines Sleep deprivation poor nutrition dehydration Illness Sensory or emotional overload Time strategies Scheduling breaks managing spoons Leave of absence Stimming sensory diet Exercise Massage Reminders and supports Routines Better environmentjobetc Boundaries saying 'no Dropping the maskfaçade e Solitude Absolute quiet Creative projects passions special interests Paying attention to reactions and your body Sources Autistic Burnout- Are You Going Burnout? Anonymously Autistic Endow Judy Autistic Burnout and Aging Ollibean Help! I seem to be getting more ssion and Fluid Adaptation Musings of an Aspie Schaber Amythest Ask an Autistic #3-what is urnout? Thanks toia dsey All ReAWNNebraska ford p ng this guides of anti ne haber Amythest skan Autistic #3 what is autistic American Asperg tistic Autistic Burnout? Thanks to Lindsey Allen AWN Nebraska for compiling this guide o Autism Women's Network 2017 thegooddoctorimaginesWhile this is from the Autism Women’s Network it includes other genders as well Meme









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