What are the biggest plot holes and errors in Harry Potter? Hannah Yang 753k Views Here's one of my favorites and it doesn't even involve magic According to Hagrid there are 17 Sickles to a Galleon Sickles are made of silver Galleons are made of gold Simple enouglh But here's the thing about silver and gold in the Muggle economy the ratio fluctuates The price of gold and the price of silver are constantly changing In fact the gold-to- silver ratio is a tool many people use to determine when to buy these metals Before 1900 the ratio averaged around 161 which seems to reasonably parallel wizarding standards Throughout the twentieth century though the ratio has averaged around 451 So if you're a wizard in need of money here's what you'd want to do Wait for a time when the gold to silver ratio is really really high Take all of your gold Galleons melt them down into lumps of pure gold and sell them in the Muggle economy Use that Iuggle money to buy as much pure silver as you can - you'll get an enormous bund of it since the gold to silver ratio is so high Finally take that silver back to Gringotts and get it all minted into Sickles If you want you can even exchange them back to Galleons at the fixed 171 rate and feel smug over the fact that you now have over twice as many Galleons as you started with Profit It's a sweet sweet thing fattyatomicmutant iamtheaardvark aboutreciprocation …holy shit None of the characters ever figure this out because they stop taking math at age 11 Lord Voldemort wasted his time building horctuz when he could have made mad wizard dough Meme

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