weasowl pointlesslypointing Follow basic-banshee I keep using my girlfriend with unusual work hours to get out of coworker interactions and happy hours and hanging out But now the company holiday party is upon us And I've been lying about the girlfriend I suddenly really empathise with the characters in Hallmark Christmas movies basic-banshee I like that people have two reactions to this post Reasonable just say she couldn't make it! Chaotic FAKE DATING AU sweet-chesus Well which one is it going to be? basic-banshee Will you come to my company holiday party and pretend to be my girlfriend I will give you a Starbucks gift card My boyfriend's dad is a VP at and he and his wife will 100% be there It's like you don't want our fake dating au to succeed You have loads of friends! Can't one of them do it? You're my only straight friend I need insurance that we won't fall in love by the end Just make a Craigslist ad Omg wait can I help And so it begins bazfloralsuit having the DMV area Craigslist bookmarked has never come in handy before but now basic-banshee Update Craigslist has flagged my post as inappropriate basic-banshee ככ Apparently you can't solicit a date as a gig Tnow see my mistake basic-banshee Would you want to come to my company holiday party with me next weekend and pretend to be my fake girlfriend Are you still talking about this Collin said you were joking I am 93% serious Can I wear a suit? How butch dol need to be? Oh my god yes you can wear a suit? You can be as butch as your heart desires there are no limits Are you actually down because I'm p serious Free dinner! Yeah I'm down! Can you feed my cat that following weekend? Update a date has been acquired This is true lesbian solidarity in action justluckyiguess My wife has now read this and wonders how baby gays are even meeting and mating basic-banshee Can confirm I am meeting and mating just fine basic-banshee By the way I'm in a relationship with this woman noW weasowl you're my only straight friend I need insurance we won't fall in love by the end Imao she KNEW Source basic-banshee 96 978 notes Fake dating AU Meme











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