We just want to love and be loved just as everyone else does Trans women are women and our rights are simply human rights You need to not be an ally but a warrior bi-trans-alliance These Joyful Photos Celebrate The Beauty Of Trans Women “As we celebrate Pride it’s important to remember that trans women of color including Marsha P Johnson Sylvia Rivera and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy were at the forefront of the movement As model and activist KhrystyAna puts it “This is Pride month a month we would not have without trans women of color Yet despite half a century of progress trans rights still fall behind those of others in the LGBTQ+ community with trans women of color remaining the most vulnerable members of the queer community“ KhrystyAna teamed up with photographer Amanda Picotte model Seana Steele and stylist Guvanch all four of whom are part of the LGBTQ+ community to create this photoshoot celebrating trans women T he photos are part of the KhrystyAna’s Real Catwalk Project dedicated to throwing out conventional beauty standards and championing inclusivity Thirteen trans women including Steele posed for photos wearing high fashion pieces in pink blue and white to represent the Trans Pride Flag The 13 women featured are Daniella Carter Alexandra Lee Daria Dee Mojo Disco Jasmine Infiniti Alana Jessica Jari Jones Shay Neary Jazmine Shepard Seana Steele Garnet Rubio Angelica Torres and Nicki Vrotsos The photos are beautiful and joyous — very different from how the media typically portrays trans women” read more TomboyX Essentials Soft Bra LC $32 $2199 available at TomboyXcom TomboyX Boy Shorts $25 $1875 available at TomboyXcom Meme











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