We gonna talk about how being raised in a dysfunctional household causes you to choose horrible romantic partnerS? BC I have time 52517 149 PM 3821 Retweets 6816 Likes YT Nu Mindframe O @nu 52517 Replying to @nu_mindframe And l'm not just speaking on physical child abuse here Emotional child abuse is just as harmful 460 YT Nu Mindframe @nu 52517 v Raised in a household where you were constantly emotionally neglected? Most likely you turned into a people pleaser and attention seeker 9 934 y2291 YT Nu Mindframe @nu 52517 You'd think that you'd choose a mate who can meet your emotional needs right? One who'll love you the way you need to be loved right? Wrong 523 1155 YT Nu Mindframe @nu 52517 Instead you're attracted to emotionally unavailable ppl Ppl who you have to cater to Bc that's the only type of love you've ever known 7 01022 2211 YT Nu Mindframe O @nu 52517 Ppl who are too nice to you and want to love you are actually a turn off to you They feel foreign to you and you immediately reject them 6 0935 2265 YT Nu Mindframe @nu 52517 If you're not fighting for that love and then the relationship feels off Even if you settle down with a nice person guess what happens 509 1379 YT Nu Mindframe @nu 52517 You start to pick unnecessary fights Push their buttons Getting a negative response from them is the only way they can show you they care 5 0615 1613 YT Nu Mindframe @nu 52517 When things are going too smoothly you have to sabotage the relationship You feel threatened by peace bc you've never experienced it 763 1874 E jaded-misfits whateveriblogis wow she unloaded the whole clip Why y'all so loud for Meme











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