Waiting to surprise my SO with this little nugget when she gets home from work Reddit ubelatedpajamas @DrSmashlove Now people always wanna be like “wow how do you live in Chicago” “damn smash Chicago is cold asf why not Miami” “wow Chicago is big cold yuck” OKAY DUH NOBODY SAYING IT’S WARM LOL But the cold got benefits For one it make the holidays pretty I don’t celebrate Christmas but all the pretty lights and snowflakes bruv that make me feel like I’m in a quaint adorable little English village On some “Cheerio chap! Yes very good govvenah! BRIYYANT!” 😂 U feel me? Heritage Not my heritage - but somebody heritage lol! Fireplaces Cozy lil fires U feel me? Seasons Now it’s also downsides I keep water bottles in my car and them bottles freeze No bueno asf But a HALF FROZE bottle is a come up! If u catch it at the right point in the freeze life cycle it develop a water PP column right up the middle that osmularicizes coldness through water you pour into the bottle it and freezes it to the optimal gym water temp Boom One sip and u transported to the mountains of Norway bruv U thirsty U been walking for days U come upon a comely Norwegian birb with a gaggle of aggressive huskies barking at u U like “Ok these huskies don’t like my kind lmao RIP to me it was real” She opens her mouth and whispers “Jeg kan se din PP-utskrift gjennom din overcoat” “I can see your PP print through your overcoat” And then u like “aye short blond hair on white girls is sexy ol McCaulay Culkin Justin Bieber with a fatty lookin a$$ PAUSE” And she like “come Drink” And she open her shroud which is made from a single uncut bison skin and she bare nekky and she put my head against her heart and pour water into my mouth like I’m her bb and I’m like “wow Scandinavians are wild but I love it” That’s how soothing that half frozen ice PP water bottle taste bruv Anyway then she fall in love with me and ask me to live among her people and I’m like “Jeg er her for en god stund ikke lenge du vet jeg” “I'm here for a good time not a long time you know **I**” And she shed a single tear and I pet the huskies and depart homeward BOTTOM LINE THAT HALF FROZEN WATER BOTTLE IS A GYM BLESSING BLESS UP 😍😂😂😂 Meme

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