Village Veterinary Hospital 2207 E Broadway Ave Maryville TN 37804-3078 865 984-6660 Jul 12 2019 Weston Potter # 5994 Invoice Number OPEN 0 DA2PP-C Booster 08012019 Ellie # A Species Canine Sex Female Age 8 weeks and 6 days old Breed Plott Coat Color BlackTan Rabies Tag Number Pric Qty Description Date 332 100 Physical Exam 132 3350 17525 1800 75000 2800 2800 2800 07112019 100 Nemex 100 DA2LPP-C Puppy Anesthesia - Injections + Inhalation Radiograph Left humeral fracture repair Injection- polyflex Injection- buprenex Injection- rimadyl RIMADYL CHEW 25MG 100 07122019 300 100 100 100 100 1085 700CHEW 2660 2800TAB AMOXI 100MG 60 700PLL TRAMADOL 50MG 572 400 Dog 0-40 lbs- per day invoice Total for Ellie $ 1369S Total Invoice $ 13699 Dr Ed Lehman Dr Ryan Jenkins Blount County Humane Society Courtesy Post Hi I was told to ask everywhere for some assistance with a vet bill I got a puppy from a lady on June 4th The puppy has weak legs and had constantly getting hurt This last time she got hurt we took her to our vet and wasnt expecting to pay a lot we thought she had maybe sprained her leg but when we got there they said she wouldn't be able to walk on the leg ever again without surgery to put a pin in her leg and ended or total to be way more that we could currently afford If there is any way you guys could share my story and her bill the vet said they could take payments through phone We can use all the help we can get Meme








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