Verizon 145 PM waragainstreddit 37 posts 249 followerss 15 following Follow War Against Reddit We brave soldiers must protect our homeland from Reddit! On February 15th 2019 we will begin our attack Followed by i_find_happiness_in_meleememes mike_pogo smashbrostv 1 more 2 I heard ig user @austinshutup admins on @waragainstreddit lets raid this kid Liked by kirbyexe and 182 others antiukraine Today is the day of retribution the day in which 1 will have my retribution against instagram women 4chan and against all of you For the last eight years of my life ever since 1 hit puberty I have been forced to endure an existence of loneliness and unfulfilled desires all because giris have never been attracted to me Girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men but never to me 1 am 22 years oid and still a virgin I have never even been kissed by a girl I have been through college for two and a halt years more than that and I an still a virgin It has been very torturous College is the time when everyone experiences those things such as sex and fun and pleasure but in those years I have had to rot in loneliness It's not fair You girls have never been attracted to meI don't know why you girls aren't attracted to me austinshutup 6146 46571 759 LOOK WHAT YOU GUYS FUCKING DID His ig is @antiukraine holy shit Young teen found dead parents say it was because of online bullying From the site reddit Just For Fu my name is austin and A local Charlotte North Carolina teen has been found dead ater he took his own life on Saturday Fobruary Seh A CBS news source got in touch with his parents Ho iew all 29 comments Email Mmm grayons And that's the truth The spy is probably part of both Instagram and reddit but cares more about likes than updoots ShareO BEST CONMENTS DA THONKER S Guys I'm just kidding IM GONNA BAN YOU CARTER mlg ice cubes 744 AM Stop trying to act ljke 4chan You guys are being really fucking mean Please carter728 You guys steal memes from 4charn wfi hate trans people o Ray sipe cannot be classified carter728 I'm from Reddit I got those off of Instagram That's what the normies are using against us Made 6 tushar 17 757 AM Normie spottedA Andre DDSE 759 AM INSTANORMIEDETECTEDINITIATIN G INSTANORMIE TERMINATION SEQUENCE Put the names on target list no Meme











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