ups-dogs The Bandanna of BetrayalThe Shawl of ShameThe Horrible Hankie of HungerThe Do-Rag of Dietary Deprivation and DespairUpon my arrival at the Patricia Green Winery in Newberg Oregon I was confronted with a horrific sight that left me with an awful and impossible dilemma I could either respect the cruel and inexplicable demands of the customer by denying biscuits to their dog Maggie or I could break their rules and yield to the almost hypnotic yearning gaze of her pleading eyes as she beseeched me to proffer her daily treatsI considered my options carefully as I looked around to see if anyone was watching Their wishes were clear but what harm could *one* biscuit possibly do? What kind of barbaric monster would force their sweet dog to wear a sign around her neck prohibiting treats? How could I possibly be expected to withhold her daily Milk Bone? What had she done to deserve such barbaric treatment? And how many biscuits could I sneak to her without getting busted?Fortunately my questions were soon answered by the arrival of her owner who graciously explained the reason for this seemingly abusive act It turns out that the vineyard had been hosting their annual fall wine tasting all week long and was providing the guests with salami prosciutto breads and various types of gourmet cheeses to be paired with the wines And in her role as official tasting room mascot Maggie was allowed to circulate freely amongst the guests who of course were rendered as powerless as I by her beseeching gaze The result of their copious offerings of such rich meats and sharp cheeses upon her digestive system are best left to the imagination and her humans were left with no alternative but to take drastic action in order to prevent Miss Maggie the Manipulative and Malodorous Moocher from rendering the tasting room uninhabitableFortunately for her however the feeding ban did NOT apply to ordinary dog biscuits thus leaving me free to be the hero and ease her pangs of hunger on what turned out to be Quadruple Biscuit Friday All was right with the world once again!By Scott Hodges Meme











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