ups-dogsOn a dark and lonely night in the hills outside of Newberg Oregon…a forlorn feeble famished freezing four-legged figure falters slowly towards my truck trembling gingerly on arthritic limbs in the icy winter airHis grey muzzle and sorrowful eyes tell a sad tale of many years of hunger pain and despair A faint and sorrowful whimper emits from his throat as he gazes beseechingly at my bountiful box of biscuits hoping against hope that I might ease his pangs of hunger and grant him one more night of survival by sharing a small morsel of sustenance with himMy heartstrings taut with compassion I dig deep into my biscuit box and gently place 4 biscuits into his quivering jowls praying with all my might that I have arrived in time to prevent his imminent starvationAnd then…the magic happensLike Popeye eating his can of spinach an incredible transformation suddenly takes place He is cured! The pain in his limbs is gone! His eyes sparkle! In less than a second strength and vigor have returned to his formerly weak and malnourished body! In one bound he leaps from the steps of the truck and proceeds to to zoomies all about the yard like a puppy 12 years his junior his speed turning him into a veritable blur before running into the house thru his dog door Through the living room window I see him leap up onto his spot on the couch next to the woodstove a veritable blizzard of biscuit crumbs flying all over the lap of his human as he chomps happily away at the bounty of goodness that I have bestowed upon him With tears of joy in my eyes I proceed to drive away feeling a solemn pride in the knowledge that my generosity has saved this once-suffering dog from what was most certainly an imminent death from starvation And to those of you who claim that I have merely been bamboozled and bewitched out of biscuits by a canine con artist I say this I am a trained professional with years of experience Do I REALLY look like a guy who could get manipulated out of treats by a mere dog?By Scott Hodges Meme











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