uo out and buy a copy of emolnion Racer as Soon as it hits the stores -Daily Radar Incredible cumulative Real-Time Damage effects-smoke fire hoods and trunks fly tires wobble and cars show hardcore damage as it happens 14 torturous tracks designed for full metal contaot 16 new and improved wrecking machines to race including the High Impact Hearse insane 'last man sandingDemoition Deroy now matches 01 One hit Kills! Death From Above is back along with T-Bone tor top destruction scores rashin anginai aundtra and re-mixes by Cirrve Fear Factary Empirian ard Coffee Bays Standard Controller VGA Box CRI ADX s a tradema f CRI Li Race 1-2 HPlayers VMU compatible 8blocks d CR infogrames Entertainment SA 5300 Stevens Creek Boulevard Suite 500 San Jose CA 95129 Deimolition Racer No Exit and Infogrames are the trademarks or registered trademarks of Infogrames Entertainment SA Demolition Racer No Exit 2000 Infogrames Entertainment SA Ail Rights Reserved All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners Sega is registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office Sega Dreamcast and the Dreamcast logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Sega Enterprises LTD All Rights Reserved Made and printed in the USA WARNING Operates only with NTSC televisions and Sega Dreamcast systems purchased in North and South America except Argentina Paraguay and Uruguay Will not operate with any other televisions or Sega Dreamcast systems Product covered under one or more of the following US Patents5460374 5525770 5627895 5688173 4442486 4454594 4462076 Re 35839 Japanese Patent No 2870538 Patents pending in US and other countries Canada Patent No 1183276 The ratings icon is a trademark of the lnteractive Digital Software Association Sega of America Dreamcast Ine P0 Box 7639 San Francisco CA 94120 EVERYONE Visit wwwesrborg or call 1-800-771-3772 for Rating informatio 0 20295 15012 Just going through my games today and noticed that Demolition Racer supports the light gun Don’t have a light gun so has anyone tried it? Meme











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