unclefather cashier I'm sorry it's going to be a 5 minute wait for your food old people let me speak to your manager This never would have happened in my day And yet you all want the minimum wage raised I'm going to kill you cashier I'm sorry it's going to be a 5 minute wait for your food millennials okay my apologies I apologize for the inconvenience I'm sorry I'm here sapphic-pink-kryptonite me walking into a store are you guys busy? i can come back later please don't push yourselves on my account things happen heatherleigh02 Had a baby boomer in front of me at the Dairy Queen She INSISTED she was a Blizzard EXPERT and there was simply NOT ENOUGH chocolate pieces in her blizzard and she wanted to complain to whoever is in charge She's going on and on with this teenager The teenager is calmly explaining they make them all the same etc etc procedure etc etc But this woman is now yelling at the teen So I walk past the woman and put money in teen's tip jar Haven't even gotten ice cream yet Woman looks at me Turns back and yells some more with the teen I put more money in the tip jar The teen smiles at me The woman can't think of what to say to me and stops yelling because I'm looking at her dead in the eye like atm is over there I can go all night The more you yell at her the more money she makes aplatonicjacuzzi Aggressive generosity to combat boomer selfishness is so punk Meme



Old People

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Ice Cream

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