ultraviolet-techno-ecology An awful lot of housing clutter relates directly to the lack of community resources for temporary usage of occasional-use tools and supplies The average kitchen for example contains a lot of appliances which are only used for special occasions and a sort of Kitchen-Library could easily supply the necessary tools as-needed to an entire community without cluttering up everyone's individual homes In other words - Not every household requires access to a power drill every single day but an awfully large number of households have had to make permanent space for a power drill they bought specifically for those rare days when they have been needed vighnantaka-bard This is a thought I've had in the past as well it can be extended to many other specialized tools and other items Even though I tend towards Thoreau-esque self-relianceI think that the general concept of a library can and should be extended much farther There's a lot of potential yet to be tapped It's not a new idea either the Haudenosaunee also known as the Iroquois Confederacy implemented this practice extensively through what we could loosely call in English guilds There are also some Amish communities who have an informal system for borrowing and passing along various building tools Contrary to popular belief Amish people don't shun all modern technology and many of them today use power tools albeit ones that are offgrid and meet specific requirements The trope of barn-raising Amish people isn't very accurate these days but cooperation anti-consumption and humility are still deeply ingrained their worldview Time to clear out our housing clutter Meme







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