Tyler Shipley @le_shipster Interesting story about Pettersson's family but what a ludicrous framing of these historical events If you only read this tweet you'd think the evil Soviet Union randomly bombed Finnish cities presumably for some 'world domination' or because 'communism is bad' or whatever 1 Käännä twiitti Jouni Nieminen @OnsideWithJouni 1 jouluk 80 yrs ago today Soviet Union attacked Finland As Red Army bombed cities Finland sent 70 thousand kids out of harms way to Sweden One of those kids was Toivo Jokelainen who lost both of his parents Tonight we get to watch his grandson Elias Pettersson play hockey in YEG 516 ip 1 jouluk 2019 Twitter for iPhone 54 tykkäystä 13 uudelleentwiittausta Tyler Shipley @le_shipster 16t Vastauksena käyttäjälle @le_shipster Finland was attacked by the Soviet Union in 1939 because it was allied with Nazi Germany and the Soviets expecting imminent nazi invasion wanted to secure the territory so close to its border and the city of Leningrad St Petersburg Again Finland was allied with Hitler 2 13 29 L10 Tyler Shipley @le_shipster 16t In fact the government that ruled Finland was a consequence of a right wing counter-revolution in 1918 led by the proto-fascist Baron Carl Gustaf Mannerheim He was part of an aristocratic Swedish family that had been powerful in Finland for centuries 3 L 5 2 13 Tyler Shipley @le_shipster 16t In 1918 the Russian Revolution took place and the revolutionaries gave Finland its freedom it had previously been claimed as part of the Russian Tsar's Empire So the Soviet Union granted Finland its independence 5 ti 6 16 3 Tyler Shipley @le_shipster 15t With that independence Finns created a socialist revolution in 1918 but it was immediately attacked by Mannerheim's forces which were supported by the German Empire Thousands of poor Finnish workers and peasants were killed trying to protect their revolution 7 t 6 2 16 Tyler Shipley @le_shipster 15t Finland against the wishes of many poor Finns - fell under the control of the west which wanted to maintain a series of anti-communist states along the border of the Soviet Union Thus it was allowed to stay independent but had to be capitalist and anti-Soviet 8 1 4 15 Tyler Shipley @le_shipster 15t In the 1930s the Finnish government increasingly built ties with Hitler's Germany so when it became clear that 1 the Nazis were going to attack the USSR and 2 the west was not going to stop them the Soviet Union had to prioritize its military survival 9 t 4 1 12 Tyler Shipley @le_shipster 15t This is important context around the Soviet attack on Finland in 1939 Many Finns welcomed the possibility of dislodging the now-deeply entrenched far-right Mannerheim himself would soon be Finland's top general again Hitler visited several times 11 4 16 Tyler Shipley @le_shipster 15t There was no doubt hardship as a result of the war War is always fucking awful for the poor who usually face the brunt of the pain But it is important to understand the context and not just slip into historically inaccurate assumptions 12 17 包4 2 Tyler Shipley @le_shipster 15t To recap yes the USSR attacked Finland As part of WWIII when Finland was allied with the Nazis and sending Jews to Nazi death camps Normally we call this liberation insofar as the end goal was Finland's freedom from Nazi occupation 13 L8 13 32 Canadian history professor has his timelines mixed up claiming that Finland sent Jews to Nazi death camps during Winter War three years before death camps became a thing among other historical inaccuracies Meme











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