Trump administratiorn admits they've lost track of roughly 20 percent of toddlers' parents And only half of the youngest children abducted by the Trump administration will be reunited by the court-imposed deadline ADAM PECK Y JUL 6 2018 421 PM During a conference call with reporters and US District Judge Dana Sabraw on Friday afternoon government officials acknowledged that as many as 20 percent of the youngest children ripped from their parents on Donald Trump's orders won't be reunified with their families any time soon The revelation comes a day after Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar assured the public that the government would meet the court's July 10 deadline to reunite children under the age of 5 with their parents only to immediately backtrack lemonvortex lemonvortex lemonvortex I’m gonna be ill “They are arguing that they shouldnt have to reunite them with their kids” AND WHAT ALTERNATIVE EXACTLY DO YOU HAVE? I literally just cant even keep up with every awful headline I see at this point Even people who are naturalized citizens are at risk And I’m hardly seeing anyone outside of news-oriented social circles talking about what may be coming in the wake of all of this It all just keeps piling up And more And more I feel like the point of no return for the initiation of a dystopian regime is far behind us and it makes me fucking sick Meme











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