Trudeau Merkel and Macron are now the leaders of the free world Because Trump is an unstable infantile bully who works for Russia instead of the American people ge Credit wI h eptod hitips ortiy ad Hitj bitly23potou macgregor1013 I can’t wait to learn what Putin has on Trump - it got to be consequential Whatever Putin wants he supports Why would you give G status to a country that invades to annex another nation hacks your voting systems meddles in your election and who knows what else? This line of reasoning that Trump is controlled by the Kremlin is a level of red baiting hive mind groupthink that is just frightening it’s sad how liberals fall for this nonsense I am no conservative nor Trump supporter but this has got to stop Also the homophobic undertones that the “resistance” are promoting with Trump and Putin being in love has got to stop to be fair in this post it is not used My opinion is that Trump and his lackeys did money laundering in Russia There is ample evidence of this There is so far a lot of nothingburgers when it comes to the claims that Trump is controlled by the Kremlin and even the more simple claim that Russia is working hard to appease Putin If Putin and Trump are so cozy and so in bed with each other then answer this 1 why did Russia not vote with the USA in regards to Israel? 2 Trump is also nice to Duerte Kim Jong un and Netanyahu is he their puppet too? 3 Trump is being more hawkish to Russia than Obama was The Trump administration has sold weapons to Ukraine something Obama did not take a side on as to not exacerbate the separatist tensions why would a putin puppet do that? 4 Trump admitted a new NATO member Montenegro despite Russia’s objections 5 He has increased NATO military numbers outside of the border of Russia 6 Trump has bombed Syria multiple times against Assad while Putin supports Assad what kind of great relationship is this? Trump is increasing the proxy war not deescalating it 7 Trump appointed Mattis and pentagon say that Russia and China are a greater threat to national security than terrorism 8 John Bolton is pushing for increasingly hawkish measures on Russia and many other countries 9 There is ample evidence that Trump administration officials including Kushner were manipulated by Israel yet no one is complaining about that Israel the sacred cow of both parties isn’t seen as an issue since it’s all Russia Also after a year of investigating the 19 or so indictments and the guilty pleas involved NONE of them have anything to do with Trump Russia Election conspiracy ie- Manafort and Gates were accused of money laundering for funds in Ukraine as ive been saying for months money laundering is where the evidence points to With Flynn and papadopoulos both lied to the intelligence agencies but none of it directly pointed to election meddling In flynns case it was to undermine obama in Israel and one step was to talk to a Russian ambassador the second convo was about sanctions There is speculative evidence that perhaps was being so nice to Putin because Trump thought he wasn’t going to win and he wanted to push a Trump tower in Moscow and also money laundering But the evidence that Putin or the Kremlin is controlling Trump and colluded in overturning democracy is weak Meme farms have not been connected to the kremlin and even if they were come on give me a break Memes did not change the election Democrats need to take responsibility for pushing a lifeless corpse of a candidate who colluded with her party to win shunned progressives while pretending to be one and who was known for lying scandals and flip flopping Democrats are just embarrassed that they poured hundreds of millions of dollars into an “inevitable” candidate who lost to a reality TV star Liberals should focus on Trump’s corruption his policies and their own policies as a more effective way of galvanizing people The democrats need to stand up for something besides Russiagate hysteria and Trumps tweets Immigrant families are being pulled apart while Rachel Madow and the liberals go full on looney tunes with Russia hysteria Also note how Obama made fun of Romney for being so ardently against Russia even calling it McCarthyism and now that Trump rhetoric-wise doesn’t want to murder Putin in his sleep the same democrats who laughed at Romney now want Trump to be hawkish and antagonistic towards Russia which ironically at least policy-wise he has been Also I love how liberals now in a tribalist reversal revere the FBI and CIA two very corrupt agencies that have lied to us many times before have spied on activists leftists and its own citizens and responsible for regime changes around the world Liberals also now love Mueller who lied to us about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction This is insanity I am not saying it is impossible that Trump and Putin can be working together What I am saying is that is seems based on the evidence highly improbable Skepticism is an important tool in the toolbox of critical thinking Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence Here are some sources that might whet your appetite for an alternative view of this nonsense 1 author on collusion fails to show how Russia and Trump colluded offers no evidence 2 an hour long debate on Russia and Trump being a traitor both sides discuss evidence it is clear which side is lacking in evidence at least to me 3 a year after the Russia Trump investigation an analysis Meme



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