Trisha Greenhalgh #FBPE @trishgreenhalgh Doctor Don't confuse your Google search with my 6y at medical school Patient Don't confuse the 1-hour lecture you had on my condition with my 20y of living with it 530 AM May 26 2018 74K Retweets 228K Likes val-ritz dreaming-in-circles magickinmundane pr0dr0me licensetomurse meanwhileonwednesday As a medical professional and a medically complicated human this is very important to me That’s not wrong These are both true Both are very very true These are both true but more importantly not mutually exclusive! Say a patient comes in with chest pain First time they’ve ever had chest pain They say they googled it and clearly they have cancer now! …no That’s the first example But say a patient has chest pain they’ve had chest pain for 10 years every previous doctor has checked for all the obvious causes and nothing changes That’s a completely different scenario In the first example the patient doesn’t know what they’re talking about The condition is new their knowledge is limited That’s why we have doctors But in the second example the patient is the expert and the doctor is the one who’s new to the situation The patient has done all this before and is very familiar with the pain condition etc that they have The doctor is not the one with 10 years of experience They need to listen because the patient actually has something they don’t know to add to the conversation These two things are not mutually exclusive they are not the same scenario and both doctors and patients but mostly doctors need to learn to tell the difference and know when to talk and when to listen This is also *highly* relevant to anti-vaxers There is a reason that the entire section on dysthymia in my psychology textbooks is basically “this person has been living with this for years longer than you will ever have researched it help them facilitate their own coping strategies” Meme










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