tRI 100% 318 AM Vanessa Ok so want you to imagine we've got a 1972 Ford F-100 sitting in a lot the rear truck bed of it filled with several wheels of cheddar cheese Now just behind it you'll see a reliable 2007 GMC Topkick C4500 this one filled with delicious gouda still wrapped in wax Behind that vehicie lies a 1985 Toyota Pickup SR5 freshly painted and with a load of fresh Bleu cheese in the back Behind them all a 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 the rear bed containing several large slices of Swiss cheese gently baking in the hot sun Look I know it's not much but it's the best cheesy pick-up line I could come up with ngo Wow that was a mouthful and arn adventure Imfao Choose your own adventure! For a low energy effort segue from the line read part A For an overly-sexual response read part B Para Español sigue al C A haha thanks! Anyways what are you up to B I've got another mouthful for you here if you're up for it C Lo siento pensé que hablaste inglés Puedo intentar seguir flirteando en español pero mis habilidades españolas son pobres 6 min ng See it's times like this where I wish I knew spanish Btw this is amazing I'm very impressed Vanessa 54min ag0 For a low effort reply read part A For an overly-sexual response read part B Para Español sigue al C A haha thanks I didn't know it was possible to live down here without knowing any Spanish B If I can get them digits I'll send you a photo of something else that'll impress C Por favor perdone mis intentos de humor tardio normaimente soy mejor en este tipo de cosas 47 min、ago Omg I'm having my friend translate this Spanish me Choose your own adventure! A for standard low effort response B for overly-sexual response y C para Español A Haha your friend will probably be able to tell you how bad my Spanish actually is In fact I've been using Google translate to help But shh keep that on the down low Our B This Spanish friend of yours single? 1 always had a thing for C Lo sentimos pero Google translate ha detectado un error Por favor inténtelo de nuevo más tarde 4 min ago 1 My friend isn't a girl 2 Why you tryna get with my friend here when you're talking to 3 That spanish part was funny why'd you send me that Imfao Vanessa 26 min ago Choose your own adventure! A for standard response B for overly- sexual response y C para Español A My apologies B can sometimes get a little out of hand I'm not interested in the friend It's just that B tries hard to be overly sexual and when the only thing in your reply was that you're having a friend translate he had to run with it He means well and deep down B is actually a mature and reasonable C Has enviado demasiadas solicitudes de traducción Por favor inténtelo de nuevo más tarde min ag Boy you're ridiculous I can't keep up with 3 GIF a message Triple threat Meme











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