Trevor Moore Follow @itrevormoore Remember Kevin McCallister could have phoned the police at any time He was a child who had accidentally been left alone One call and he would have been safe But it was never about safety He was hunting those men He wanted them to die It was fun for him He enjoyed it 648 PM-25 Dec 2018 28136 Retweets 140632 Likes· @O dynastylnoire that-catholic-shinobi celticpyro greater-than-the-sword klubbhead refurbishedchild klubbhead mysharona1987 Like I know he is only eight But the movie makes a big deal of saying he an incredibly smart eight year old MENSA- levels of IQ Some of those traps were ingenious One 911 phone call saying ‘Help me’ All it would have taken for this whole mess to get sorted The police come in take good care of Kevin till the family arrives Arrest Harry and Marv But no Kevin chose the dark path of cruel sadism Kevin was a Sith How can anyone both see the Home Alone series and think gun control will reduce violence? GIVE👏MINORS👏ACCESS👏TO👏GUNS👏 Let me just come back in defense of Kevin If Kevin was so smart he must have known that calling the police would cause his family to get in trouble for leaving him alone at the house Given Kevin’s other actions in the movie such as pretending that he was shopping for his mom who was in the car it seems pretty evident that he took pains to keep adults even responsible ones from knowing that he was alone in the house This shows a distrust of the establishment and it’s possible that Kevin was even aware as I was at the age of 8 of the general concept of a CPS investigation By refusing to call the police Kevin was acting selflessly to keep his family from being split further Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk A couple of bandits come to rob some poor eight-year-old’s home and you call him a sadist for taking direct action If some mofos came and invaded the safety of MY domicile you bet your sweet ass I’d concoct the most brutal means of retaliation imaginable to ensure those bastards never set foot in another home ever again Broke Kevin was a sadist Woke Kevin didn’t trust the establishment and didn’t want CPS to investigate his parents Bespoke Kevin had a God given right to defend his property Here for all Kevin McAllister theories Meme

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