trans-mom Claim “Trans” is short for “transition” The Truth “Trans” is short for “transgender” It is just a descriptor of a person’s gender Claim You must experience dysphoria in order to be trans The Truth Incorrect Dysphoria is an old outdated term that’s been redefined over time to cover new specific needs Despite its constant redefining it’s still not an all encompassing descriptor for all trans people Claim You must pursue hrt and surgery to be trans The Truth Incorrect There are a variety of reasons why someone wouldn’t want to have hrt or surgery all of them valid Claim If you’re trans you’d show very specific signs as a child All trans people knew they were trans since a young age The Truth A lot of trans people do not possess obvious signs of their transhood as children Lots of people discover themselves later in life Your age does not dictate your transhood Claim Transition is solely defined by hrt or surgery The Truth Transition begins from the moment you feel you’re trans and need to alter things in your life Transition isn’t only medical It’s also social but most of all it’s personal Something like making a plan to come out in the future is part of your transition Claim You have to come out to everyone The Truth That’s personal information you owe no one Claim Most trans people detransition The Truth Detransitioning is rare And in most cases it’s because of financial and safety read bigoted harm reasons The claim that most trans people detransition is based on an old study where the kids were exposed to anti-lgbt rhetoric and when people didn’t return his calls he marked them as “detransitioned” The amount of people who detransition cuz they “weren’t trans” is extremely rare Claim Being on hrt will make you more depressed The Truth Incorrect Statistics show that the majority of trans people’s lives improve with hrt What actually would cause depression is the constant harassment and harm from bigots often times from the same people who told you hrt will make you depressed Hrt itself is documented to improve the quality of life Claim You don’t need hrt There are pills on the market made from natural means that will give you the same result without a prescription The Truth This is not only false but it’s a money making scheme meant to exploit your lack of easy access to hrt These pills will not work they will actually have the opposite effect and they cost the same as obtaining hrt without a prescription on average Claim You absolutely must have a prescription for hrt It’s illegal to get it without and you’ll die if you don’t have proper understanding The Truth Morality isn’t dictated by legality And though some dangers exist with self medicating with no knowledge as someone that did self medicated hrt it’s not impossible for you to get educated Testosterone poses more legal risks and you need to be sure what you’re getting is the real deal with T but the need to do things this way is a sign the system is broken - not that there’s something wrong with the people doing it For information about feminizing hormones go here For information about masculinizing hormones go here Claim You can get hrt through Planned Parenthood The Truth Accurate! Planned Parenthood does offer hrt on an informed consent basis in some places This is not true to everywhere so maybe call them or check their own web site about it before just dropping in Smallangryandtired did an excellent write up on how to do the process here However as I said they do not offer it in all locations The main path a lot of people take is going to a therapist for a session or two and getting a letter from said therapist approving you for hrt and taking that to a doctor who in turn usually recommends you to a specialist Claim After a certain age there’s no point to do hrt It won’t have the same effect The Truth That is a lie Hrt will work no matter your age Claim You can be too young for hrt and puberty blockers are dangerous The Truth That is also a lie Lots of people have known they’re trans since they were kids and refusing them treatment is child abuse If a doctor deems a kid too young for hrt the alternative is puberty blockers because they are not harmful to the child at all Despite what anti-lgbt groups want you to believe there is no danger to puberty blockers Claim There are only two genders Nonbinary people don’t exist Biological sex dictates gender The Truth The biological sex you know is only truly representative of gender stereotypes The truth is that biologically speaking there are more than two sexes and the only true way to identify such is through karyotypes Third genders and nonbinary genders have existed through out history it is not new The greatest minds in science have time and time again repeated this information that sex isn’t a binary that nonbinary people exist that trans women are really women trans men are men and that nonbinary people are nonbinary Even Bill Nye has said this Claim Things like “stargender” or “noungender” are ruining the representation of the trans community “Noungender” is just children trying to get attention and are not actually trans People using neopronouns or nounself pronouns are not really trans The Truth This in inaccurate and often times either a bullying tactic towards those who are different or transphobic people using such to isolate a group of trans people Some people do not fit into the binary or gender nor feel like they’re in any defined nonbinary genders So they’ll define themselves with words and terms they enjoy It’s no different from you feeling more comfort from being called “he” versus “she” And in the off chance it is someone just seeking attention It doesn’t matter Let them have their fun They’re not ruining anything calling themselves spacegender on tumblr dot com Claim There are people faking being trans to fit into a crowd The entire concept of “transtrenders” The Truth Not true This is just age old blatant “you’re faking” transphobia Claim Trans people on hrt or post-op can not experience sexual enjoyment The Truth Both will change your body’s entire response to sex Your enjoyment doesn’t disappear the entire process just changes to something different This inaccuracy is spread by transphobes on average and isn’t remotely true Claim Trans people have a high rate of suicide The Truth I’m sorry to say that trans people are under the stress of discrimination from all angles and on top of other stresses or discriminations one may experience it leads us into suicidal ideation But that’s why we need to stick together and help each other out If you’re trans and considering suicide consider the following National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 Trans Lifeline USA 1-877-565-8860 Trans Lifeline Canada 1-877-330-6366 The Trevor Project Hotline 1-866-488-7386 The Trevor Project also offers texting and chat You deserve to live your life I promise you you’re strong enough to get through this Meme

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