TRAINER TRAINER TRAINER Blaine Blaine's Quiz #3 Blaine's Gamble ARILTTS During this turn instead of attaching your free Energy card you may instead attach 2 Energy cards to I of your Pokémon with Blaine in its name Playing additional copies of this card this turn has no effect Put a Basic Pokémon or Evolution card from your hand face down in front of you and tell your opponent the name of an attack of that card Your opponent guesses the name of that card Flip the card over If your opponent guessed right he or she draws 3 cards If your opponent guessed wrong you draw 3 cards Either way return the card to your hand Discard any number of other cards from your hand then flip coin If heads draw twice that many cards 10O132 Wrd12132 C05 S Supporter TRAINER Blaine's Last Stand Basic Pokémon Blaine's Magmar TRAINER Blaine's Last Resort Spitfire Pokémon Length 4 3 Weigist 13 bs Firebreathing Flip a coin If heads this attack does i0 damage plus 10 more damage if tails this attack does 10 damege 10+ You can play this card only when it is the last card in your hand You can't play this card if you have any cards in your hand other than Blaine's Last Resort Show your hand to your opponent then draw 5 cards Lava Burst Discard the top 5 cards of your Draw 2 cards for each Pokémon you have in play 20x deck If there are fewer than 5 cards in your deck discard all of them This attack does 20 damage for each Energy card you discarded in this way resistance weakness You may play only I Supporter card during your turn before your attack retreat cost Mus Mitsobire Arito LV 29 #126 6970 3732 ar el995 96Ninnda Creates GAMSFRSAR 9 105132 Hlur Ken Sugiori Basic Pokémon 60 HE Blaine's Rhyhorn Basic Pokémon Blaine's Vulpix 40 H Basic Pokémon Blaine's Vulpix 50 HP Spikes Pokémon Length 3' 3 Weight 254 lbs Fox Pokémon Length 2' 0 Weight 22 lbs Pokémon Power Natural Healing Once during your turn before your attack you may remove I damage counter from Blaine's Vulpix This power can't be used if Blaine's Vulpix is Asleep Confused or Paralyzed Horn Charge Flip a coin If tails this attack does nothing 30 Fox Pokémon Length 2' 0 Weight 22 lbs 10 Bite Overrun Flip a coin If heads and if your opponent has any Benched Pokemon choose I of them and this attack does 20 damage to it Don't opply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon Call Will-o'-the-wisp Flip 3 coins For each heads if you have a Energy card in your discard pile put it into your hand Tail Fan Flip a coin If heads the Defending Pokémon is now Confused 20 resistance -30 weakness resistance weakness Fetreat cost resistance retreat cost wealkness V 26 #111 3132 GAMEFREAK D199300 r O1995 96 9 Nda Cre Wus Ken Sugiori LV 9 #37 mtreat cost 6S132 01993 90 Nitenda Creanres GAMERREAK CI99 2000 Ws mMus Ken Sugimart Y 18#7 Om e Erenans G AX Cm 66132 CAY Anyone want to guess my favorite gym leader? Meme











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