Trade Pokmon Auricular Nintendo DS and secrets with your friends! Trade you my WeaVile Cor MUnChla ays some nintendo Wi-Fi MunChlax is pretty hot fry again Go to NintendoWiFicomm to get started! Selection may vary at retail Games system and headset sold separately Pokéde tabaquis-barking kiyotakamine kiyotakamine munchlax is pretty hot happy 10 year anniversary of munchlax being pretty hot Actually know what reblogging again bc the girl with the white ds knows what the FUCK is up and pink girl is either a dumbass or a scammer In DPP DiamondPearlPlatinum sneasel shows up on five different routes and then evolves into weavile when leveled with a razor claw at night Razor claws aren’t hard to find either so while there’s minimal effort involved here weavile isn’t really special Munchlax though? Jesus fuck Jesus fucking christ Munchlax in DPP is one of the most difficult Pokémon in ANY of the games—if not the absolute most difficult DPP has a mechanic where you could slather honey on certain trees and six hours later a Pokémon would turn up on the tree Several of the Pokémon you could get this way were common but some could ONLY be obtained from honey trees You couldn’t change the DS system’s time to speed things up because the trees ran on their own counter—so you HAD to wait six hours for a Pokémon to show up It gets worse There were 21 of these honey trees in the game and regardless of the tree’s location and tree could summon any of the “honey tree Pokémon…” Except Fucking Munchlax Only FOUR trees in the game had the potential to summon Munchlax Which trees you ask? Guess No literally take a fucking guess—because the four trees that can summon Munchlax are decided at random based on your trainer ID and secret ID There is NO way to determine which trees they are unless you feel like hacking into your game’s data and then doing some weird complicated math That’s not all You thought that was all? You thought Munchlax was a merciful god that would take pity on your tiny pathetic body? Oh no Not even close Munchlax isn’t done with you yet Munchlax is going to peel you like a fucking mango and laugh while you cry Munchlax only has a 1% encounter rate ONE PERCENT As in 1100 So to recap—421 honey trees and you don’t know which ones have a 1% chance of summoning this little motherfucker once every six hours That’s it No fast tracking no cheats and no workarounds Munchlax in DPP is the holy grail of hard to find Pokémon And pinky here has the AUDACITY to offer the MUCH more easily obtainable weavile for it Fuck that Fuck that!!! White DS girl knows what the FUCK is up!!! In conclusion Munchlax is pretty hot… Try again Bitch Meme







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