torisoulphoenix: noblerosee: themasterpupil: whotfismoose: maybe-itdoesntmatterr: saito-91: trilligan-island: adorethiswhore: cartnsncreal: I guess this is why straight men don’t like to talk about their issues with friends because it always turns into a joke.  this absolutely broke my heart.  #BlackMentalHealthMatters  Smh It’s Always A Joke This why I can’t fuck with a lot of people cause it’s always just a joke Dude is legit in tears and his “friends” are laughing in his face… I’m done Yea tht shit not funny Yeah I remember back when I first saw this. I chuckled for a sec and was like…wait a min he’s serious, this isn’t funny at all. It’s real man found this in the thread. glad to hear he’s doing better.  Ok, then, glad he’s ok. Justice for all sexual assault victims.