Today jesus you are rough on pants 331 A get angry with them that have to wear them 700 AM holy hell there are better ways to deal with that than to mas- sacre them Most of us just stay with me here Take them off poor things did nothing to you 740 AM The First step is admitting vou have a problem though so it sounds like you've accepted your role in this and are ready for the next step 744 AM Absolutely ready for the next step Just not sure what that is lol 749 AM we've got to get you out of them and to an environment where you can't hurt them anymore we in the industry call this place 'South I've been there and you wouldn't believe it there is not a single pant in sight the good news is Im an expert at finding this mysterious place I can guide you out of those pants and in to something far less appropriate 756 AM Sounds like an excellent next step 804 AM I think we need to rehearse before we take any drastic steps I'm going to need to see what I'm getting myself into 811 AM Rehearsal is a must 812 AM Rehearsals start Monday Anytime that works for you I do make house calls but it's going to cost you extra 816 AM Oh darn Not sure I can afford extra and leave a nice tip В19 АМ Don't worry about the tip we can work something out а21 AN Oh perfect! 822 AM for my records I'm going to need you to fill out these forms Full name Proffered Contact requested Appointment time Location 824 AM reason for visit 824 AM 945pm I've been naughty 825 AM ille Oh forgot one 826 AM Ok I've got you booked in for Monday I will be out of the office this weekend but just in case things get bad and you need to talk ill keep my phone on me looking forvward to touching bases with you and getting you out of those pants 834 A Sounds great Thanks so much for all the help and support 835 AM +pes meesnge She had 5 photos with ripped jeans Meme






The Office





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