Today at 711 PM There's no words to describe how bad I feel right now I wasn't getting notifications and I thought we stopped messaging for some reason and I didn't want to bother you 1 SpoopyConeboi Today at 712 PM no no its fine hoooly FUCK! i cant belive you actually got back to me holy shit its been a long month dude and just know that no matter what you texting me will never bother me i always will have time for you oday at 714 PM oday at 715 PM Thanks its just anxiety you know? I'm just glad I checked I'm really sorry I didn't mean for that to happen Besides I'm too awkward to really find anyone even if I recognize people SpoopyConeboi Today at 716 PM SpoopyConeboi Today at 714 PM i totally fucking get it dude can i like try to express how much i missed yeah i totally get it i just i thought you had like permanently ditched me i was planning to walk to your house one weekend and check up on your in person like 2 sorry that sounds kinda stalkerish Today at 714 PM Of course Today at 718 PM No it's fine I've also just been really fucking busy with colorguard and pre-ap classes SpoopyConeboi Today at 714 PM i havent cried all fucking month long and now im just so happy SpoopyConeboi Today at 718 PM yeah yeah i get it school sucks i thought you hated me now i thought that maybe you found someone better i thought maybe you were dead i thought out so many bad outcomes Today at 719 PM That and I'm really behind in colorguard SpopycunGDOTy actrizrin of i get it ischool is so self paced that its getting to my head i had to change how i do work just to not have a nervous breakdown then had one anyways Today at 720 PM Oh yeah that reminds me How are our old classmates? SpoopyConeboi Today at 721 PM they be doing good is thriving in ischool while im kinda wilting theres been stress all around me for the longest time but its going away is still heh and oday at 722 PM Of course Anybody else? SpoopyConeboi Today at 722 PM oh yeah! idk how she is i guess just as she was before hand Toudy di22riv Well glad to know things didn't really change on your end SpoopyConeboi Today at 723 PM yeah well i mean mentally i was a shitshow 5 and still kinda am also apparently depression runs in my family genes so that sucks es Today at 724 PM What? Are you okay? I'm sorry I haven't had time to look back through your messages yet SpoopyConeboi Today at 724 PM its hard to explain after we went on break i still loved you like hell and did my best to keep loving you froma distance by checking up on you and so i did that i counted the days down to the one month mark yknow? and anxiety and stress came in and kicked me down and kept kicking and kicking and kicking then depression came out of no where and joined in oday at 726 PM Oh my God sorry doenst even begin to cover it I just really thought we stopped talking and I didn't want to disturb you in case you were doing better without me or something can i be honest? like i promise its a good honest not the bad kind of honest Today at 728 PM Sure oday at 731 PM Maybe we should talk face to face then You know meet up or something Unless you don't want to SpoopyConeboi Today at 728 PM ok to be perfectly honest ive been doing worse without you Which is cool my entire mental health chunk i built around you kinda collapsed 7 SpoopyConeboi Today at 731 PM and it buried me escuese moi? so i buried the sad ness in work me? that lead to burnout and that lead to more pressure more stress more anxiety ect not wanting to talk to you irl? BULLSHIT! i totally want to meet up!! oday at 730 PM I didn't mean for any of this to happen God I'm so fucki ng sorry Today at 732 PM Okay this is gonna sound like I'm some fucking college student but let me check my schedule SpoopyCo Today at 730 PM SpoopyConeboi Today at 733 PM dude same ive got an actual schedule now and its weird its alright your apology and replying to me in itself pays off i dont know how to express how much i missed talking to you oday at 734 PM I don't think I can do it this week but I'm pretty sure I have next Wednesday after school free okie dokie let me see it that works right now it looks completely empty which means i can spend all of that time with you! but it could change defenses and tests can pop up but ill fight tooth and fucking nail to keep that day open Today at 735 PM Yeah definitely but where do we meet? SpoopyConeboi Today at 736 PM well theres the bus stop by that park by your house right? i think its Today at 736 PM There's a cemetery by my house??? Idk about a park SpoopyConeboi Today at 736 PM hmmm let me recheck i thought was nearby yknow if you want i can just walk to your house my dude oday at 739 PM isn't that far No no Well actually do you think you could meet me at Marble Slab or Baskin Robbins SpoopyConeboi Today at 740 PM hmm the ones along ? assuming i spelt that right Today at 740 PM Yeah sounds about right SpoopyConeboi Today at 740 PM like at the intersection area with a heb nearby oday at 741 PM I normally go there after school on Wednesdays for ice cream cause I don't have practice And yeah I think so Oof dinner Can we talk later or maybe tomorrow? SpoopyConeboi Today at 741 PM whenever you want to hopefully later but whatever works for you Today at 741 PM Okay well hopefully I'll talk to you later SpoopyConeboi Today at 742 PM yea see you soon hopefully! dont have to respond to this right now but i think i found the baskin robbins you mean 10 if this is it i can totally walk there easy peasy Baskin-Robbins Baskin-Robbins Mila Ice cream shop SpoopyConeboi Today at 752 PM also if you want to tonight i could screenshare some youtube and we could watch something togehter kind of a movie night Context I havent talked to my gf who im on break with for over a month and a half and she just now responds Nothing bad happened I just wanted to share the joy of hearing from her again with yall Meme










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