Today at 611 PM Alright So real talk just got done with a deep debate about the human body and genetic modification Today at 611 PM ooh Today at 611 PM Now yes it's an out-there topic that isn't well-known and without much proper research put into it But I've never had a conversation quite like this before because one person suddenly just said Why not have two hearts? And while I can appreciate the idea of multiple hearts I just couldn't let myself take a serious conversation and let it go down the toilet so I calmly explained that while multiple hearts would be interestingt complications in the case of even a minor genetic defect Then the person took what I said and responded with Okay why not just remove a kidney then and swap it with another heart? We don't need two kidneys to live so it should be alright right? Today at 617 PM oh geee Today at 619 PM Well no it wouldn't be once again you would need to reroute the circulatory system to pump blood through your new back-heart which would be a mess in and of itself since you'd be reworking the brain and various chemical measures of the body such as iron deficiencyiron overloadhaemochromiosis due to the shift in iron not to mention making it so your body wouldn't keep dumping piss from there so you wouldn't essentially be pissing blood every time you had to pee oh and then the fact that you would be putting pressure on it every fucking time you sit down! Like seriously some people need to think before they ask stupid ass questions Meme







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