time to move on 0 Hello Ive been playing your games since GTA San Andreas and have been dealing with the same stereotypical overpowered male syndrome for a long long time I dont have a problem for this as this game is aimed at premature teens however what I find particularly offensive is that you will not distance yourselves from the GTA Nin which we play a Russian soldier Dont you think in this current political climate you should be more accepting for example of different cultures I get it that you let us played as stereotypical black guy in Ballad of Gay Tony who works for a very white maginitive gay guy I think with the current political climate you should distance yourselves from that horrid game as we know Russians are trying to control us or have they bribed you too devs? Please issue a statement or something to get more gamers because im ashamed to have GTA Ⅳ in my player history on X360 MAY 17 2017 628AM * 2 FOLLOWERS * REPORT * SHARE 샤 Nick S OFRAAL COMMENT Hello Sara First of all Niko Bellic the main protagonist of the game is not Russian but Serbian As you are aware Serbia is some 3000 miles from Russia Secondly we do not subscribe to political banter at the office-we believe all politicians and their respective parties deserve the same treatment when it comes to our games whether you're a Democrat or a Republican we will not play favorites Third our team is comprised of a very talented team of individuals who work hard to make our games what they are we'd like to say we're very diverse in that sense which should give us some points in the social justice spectrum but this also includes Russian developers artists sound designers and so on without them you would not be playing the Grand Theft Auto games you love and cherish however in your case despise with utter contempt Our offices across North America and Britain are comprised of people from different political spectrums none of which are extreme or hurtful or adhere to any liberal or right-wing cause We're proud of this fact and do not accept your preachful comments firstly because they do not follow our Community Guidelines which can be found on the sidebar and secondly because they are whole heartedly wrong and utterly bigoted I'm issuing you a 7-day suspension please reflect on your comments and understand that these boards are not for your bigoted and racist views or I will issue you with a permenant suspension If you'd like to know more about your suspension please follow this link TO0AY AT 739 AM * REPLY ·RPORT While EA and Ubisoft are pandering to social justice freaks out of fear Rockstar stands their ground and are not falling for cheap intimidation tactics Takes balls of steel for a company to do it nowadays Thank you for not alienating a huge chunk of your fanbase to get cookie points guys Meme






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