Three weeks ago she was at the pound - now she's transformed to Action Pup! So u know how u get in the car and Apple Music just wil out and play whatever well on the way to the gym this mernin I hop in the whip on this cold a$$ 12 degree day and my speakers start blasting Miguel Banana Clip FAM! I don’t even remember downloading this album! But this joint HARD! 😂 I felt like Miguel lil 5 foot a$$ was next to me serenading me singing in the passenger seat egging me on go hard at the gym! I was Iike wow this adorable lil munchkin go hard! And then it dawned on me 🤔5 footers really be going the hardest! 🐛 Kevin Hart - 5 foot Tom cruise - 5 foot Shiggy the comedian who invented the drake Kiki dance DRAaAaAaAake! 😂 - 5 foot They out there ENTERTAINING Ladies don’t shleep I know most of u pretty tings got a 6-4 cutoff and I don’t blame y’all! But maybe what u need is a 5 footer who really gon do the most! Serenade u in the shower! Make u laugh! “Smash I’m not tryina hear that my son in fifth grade already taller than that I can’t bring a man into my house who reach to my son’s chest” BB 👏 GIRL 👏 DO 👏 WHAT 👏 U 👏 FEEL 👏 And by the way for all you men who only swipe right on short women may I ask you to consider finding yourself a tall drink of water in 2019 I used to talk to a volleyball player who was 6-1 and let me tell you fam she was a sight to behold Legs so long you could slide down them h0es like a fire pole Cheeks like beach balls She was a whole lotta woman! A foot long sub for the price of a six inch famalam! I am telling you you might not think it’s your thing but u might hecc around and fall in love “But smash I’m 5-11 which is really a lie I’m actually 5-7 and three quarter but I say I’m 5-11 - if she 6-1 then in heels she finna be 6-4 fam I’m gon look like her handsome middle school son” Well bish embrace that! Find you a Mama! Maybe your mama was wiling out when you were growing up and u need a woman to HECC around and spank u Maybe eem spike you! 🏐 Maybe that’s what you been missing all your life “smash you really Wilding today” INDEEDY! Smash simply raising this hypothesis for ya consideration lmao BLESS UP 😍😂😂 Slide 2 @tatertot_thecorgi_ Meme


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