This won't be much of a meme but I feel like I should share this I'll start by talking a bit about myself To summarise my childhood I never had one and my parents always did everything for me which today makes human interactions and normal tasks way harder than they should be I don't have much real friends but I have some online 2 years ago I started a long distance relationship with a suicidal girl I spent all my time taking care of her as much as the internet let me I put away my studies for her and got rejected from two schools because of bad grades T had to work in a store at minimum wage for 8 months because of that But because of the distance I started to cheat on her It went so bad that she broke up with me which is fair But the cummulation of all of the above have started to break me down I contenplate suicide every day but I'm too weak to act I can't look at my reflexion without seeing me assassinating myself I'm a mess But as I was told me he was almost ruined and couldn't pay for his classes that started the day after And I look at the money I gathered from my minimum wage job and decided to give him 250$ the ammount he needed He's basically a stranger on the internet and maybe he'll never give me my money back but today he came back and told me with a smile that his first day went great and he was chilling with an online friend he Meme







Real Friends




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