This Photo Is Raising a Debate About Toxic Masculinity Eric Owens 41LES January 8- 18 years later and he still under my arm Like Comment Share 24K This is the weirdest shit ever girl and her mother is one thing but a man shouldn't be raising is son to lay on him like that A father and daughter I can see but this here is unacceptable Umm there's bonding but this ain't it i have no words for this i can't remember being up under my dad like that after 9 years oldImao father's and son's bond all the time First time seeing this How old is he again I aint tryna start nothing but if you can't understand this then oh well most of the people commenting on this post are women and are relating this from a woman's perspective as a mother and daughter women do that that's the nature of women and if it was the same man in the photo laying on his mom like that there's nothing wrong with that either no grown man should feel comfortable laying up on or under another grown man ain't nothing MAN'ly about that women that are friends sisters aunts nieces or whatever lay on each other hold hands play with each others hair grab and slap each other a$$ and so on now imagine men that are friendssons daddiesuncles nephews Grandaddies and so on doing that same type of stuff to each other lol how that'll look?? heyim-cass ithelpstodream I want to use this post to clear something up When I talk about toxic masculinity it always causes a big backlash and I’ve noticed it’s mainly because men don’t know what it means When I say I hate toxic masculinity I do not mean that I hate that you’re a man or that I hate masculinity Toxic masculinity is THIS Toxic masculinity is when men reinforce the idea that men should suppress and ignore softer displays of emotions that are associated with women Toxic masculinity is reinforcing the fear of physical affection between men because it makes them appear too feminine or even ‘homosexual’ It has to stop Let men cry Let men hold each other Stop perceiving things that are ‘feminine’ as weak because outing your emotions is not weakness it’s strength So a son can’t lay on his dad… i hate people But AMEN to what you said! ^ Meme











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