thezodacsooietycom Zodiac personality I am SUN and MOON is what makes me feel emotionally happy but I express my needs and thoughts in MERCURY way When it comes to love I will be VENUS but when I get angry I become MARS so don't test me! Use your birthchart to replace the planets in the sentence above! MOON SUN MERCURY Aries- AN INNOVATOR Aries CHALLENGES Aries A DIRECT Taurus-A PRACTICAL Taurus- A GUARDIAN Taurus- SECURITY Gemini A MASTERMIND Gemini- CoMMUNICATION Gemini- A LIGHTHEARTED Cancer A ROMANTIC Cancer ATTENTION Cancer AN EMOTIONAL Leo- A DRAMATIC Leo- A RINGLEADER Leo- PRAISES AN I Virgo- Virgo- A HEALER Virgo- STABILITY Libra- A TACTFUL Libra- AN ARTIST Libra- FRIENDSHIP Scorpio- AUTHENTICITY Scorpio- A PIERCING Scorpio- AN ENIGMA Sagittarius- A PLAYFUL Sagittarius-A VISIONARY Sagittarius- EXPERIENCES Capricorn- A CONCISE Capricorn- ANARCHITECT Capricorn- POWER Aquarius INDIVIDUALITY Aquarius- A LOGICAL Aquarius- A REBEL Pisces- A VAGUE Pisces- A DREAMER Pisces- ART Aries-AGGRESSIVE Aries- PROTECTIVE Taurus- DESTRUCTIVE Taurus- COMMITTED Gemini STUBBORN Gemini PLAYFUL VENUS Cancer- NURTURING MARS Cancer SELFISH Leo- LOUD Leo- GENEROUS Virgo-VIOLENT Virgo HELPFUL Libra- DEMANDING Libra THOUGHTFUL Scorpio INTENSE Scorpio- VENGEFUL Sagittarius- INSENSITIVE Sagittarius- DEVOTED Capricorn- DEPENDABLE Capricorn- SARCASTIC Aquarius- UNAVAILABLE Aquarius- UNDERSTANDABLE Pisces- NASTY Pisces- COMPASSIONATE Meme











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